Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Ninja Girl Azuki chapter 1

One gets so tired of scanslating good manga all the time. Sometimes you want to dip your hands into something less than worthy. That something, for me, turned out to be Sweet Ninja Girl Azuki. It's exactly what it says on the tin: She's a girl, she's a ninja, she's...sweet??? and her name is Azuki. And she's given a task to protect the heir to a financial empire.

You might think I'm trolling when I say it's not good, after all the art is really cute, the characters seem to have potential and the story, well, seems to have promise. Ah, if only something, anything had come of it. I'm telling you all this not to spoil you, but so 7 chapters later when this all comes to nothing and you're thinking "What a waste of time!" I can step in and say "I told you so!"

Keep reading (or better yet, don't start at all).

Sweet Ninja Girl Azuki, chapter 1
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