Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Ninja Girl Azuki chapter 7 (final)

Yay! There's always a sense of relief when you put something behind you. When I started out I thought I was going to release Azuki quickly, but it quickly became a chore to edit and the releases slowed down rapidly. Still all's well that ends well. For the record I think Chiyoko and Sanae would make the best couple. The other girls are just too childish.

Now, for my next project there's a romance manga I want to do, but it's rather long and very wordy so I hesitate to start. Before I do that I'll go through the most recent suggestions I got and see if there's something I'd rather work on. That seems rather unlikely to me, because I have very odd tastes when it comes to manga. Sometimes I even favor bad manga over good, but we'll see.

In any case I won't get anything under way until I'm a little further with Umishi, at least till the end of volume 5. I've been neglecting it a bit lately. Without further ado:

Azuki chapter 7 (final)
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