Monday, September 1, 2008

First post

Note: I'm not taking any suggestions any more, so please don't add any

We'll save the introductions for later.

I'm going to post manga links for manga I scanslate here in this here blog. Right now I'm working on Trickster by Aro Hiroshi, which is a little bit funny, a little bit ecchi and a little bit sad (imho).

I've got up to chapter 4 translated, and if all goes well I'll be done with translating the whole thing by tomorrow evening, knock on wood. I can't give an ETA on when the finished product will be ready, but look out for it sometime next week.

I've already got a list of projects I'm going to be working on for a while, but I'll hear requests if you have any. Just don't expect anything.
- Not licensed
- Not being actively scanslated (last release over 6 months ago)
- Not hentai
- Not too much nudity (I'll know it when I see it)
- No guro
- No other gross stuff

I'll be able to better consider the project if you include a link to raws or at least a few sample pages. Stay tuned for more news later.