Monday, October 6, 2008

Re: Working!!

One of the suggestions I got for scanslation early on was a 4-koma manga called Working!!
I decided to check it out over the weekend, but I'm sorry to say it won't be going on my scanslation list. Ever. That's not to say it's a bad manga, btw. Maybe a 6/10? More like 5/10? It hovers between okay to meh, usually leaning towards the meh side. I read the scanslations first and thought they were at fault for making the manga seem so bleh (they certainly didn't help at all), but actually it's nearly as unfunny in the original Japanese. Also accurate translation is an essential part of getting the joke across in 4-koma manga, but translating gags is a MAJOR pain in the nether-regions, and it doesn't help when the gag isn't that funny to begin with. So now you know.

(Btw, don't think I'm going to post detailed explanations for deciding/not-deciding to scanslate anything. This is a one-time service.)