Friday, October 10, 2008

Trickster c09 [final]

At long last we come to the end of Trickster. Actually I'm surprised a single volume took me so long to finish, so I pledge to do better next time (not!). I really enjoyed working on this because it's easy to translate and easy to edit, and I loved the girl's evil facial expressions. I'd like to that think no one's stupid enough to fall for tricks like that IRL, but people are full of surprises.

Trickster c09

For those who can't download from Rapidshare, I discovered that Lurk (#lurk @ has all the Otaku no Musume-san and Trickster I've done so far.

As for my next projects, I have two lined up. One shoujo, one shounen/seinen (i.e. a shounen that just happened to run in a seinen magazine but would do just as well in Shounen Sunday/Jump/Magazine). I'm not going to name them yet because I haven't gotten that far and I think it's annoying when people "claim" projects too early and then keep people waiting while they take their sweet time churning out the first chapter. So it'll be ready when it's ready, yah?