Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Umishi chapter 01

Today we start another series, Wa ga na wa Umishi, by Yoichi Komori & Yuji Takemura. The story goes something like this.
Rintarou is a novice diver who just finished his training. His father dies and leaves him 1.5 billion yen [not 150 million] in debt and their rundown salvage business. Thing is, Rintarou hates his father and HATES the salvage business. What happens now?
More or less. It's really good except for one thing: Sawa-chan's 'yaranaika' jumpsuit is KILLING me!!!!

Umishi chapter 1

EDIT: Just realized a mistake I made. On page 38, the debt is supposed to be 1.5 billion yen (14,844,297.53 USD), not 150 million yen. To tell the truth the amount was niggling at my mind all along because it looked too small. What a million dollars or two between family, and all that, so I did the math again. I'll release a fix page when I get home from work.